BioSecure HACCP

BioSecure HACCP is the on-farm biosecurity program for production nurseries in Australia. The program validates many of the best management practice strategies employed under the Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme Australia (NIASA).

It seeks to identify internal and external (endemic and exotic) threats to the integrity of a business’s biosecurity processes and preparedness. BioSecure HACCP is a set of protocols and procedures that enable a business to manage biosecurity risks establishing an effective internal quarantine process for both imported and exported plant material. The BioSecure HACCP risk management system encourages industry businesses to maintain the strictest internal quarantine procedures possible and record the actions taken at critical control points. Having a sound risk management strategy such as this ensures industry businesses remain protected from biological risks.


NIASA & EcoHort

Mansfield’s Propagation Nursery was one of the first businesses in Australia to become certified by the NGIA under the EcoHort guidelines. EcoHort is the industry specific Environmental Management System for NGIA businesses which aims to further improve business sustainability whilst addressing environmental and natural resource responsibilities.

It is a method by which we can demonstrate to industry, government and the community our sound environmental and natural resource stewardship. By adopting the process of EcoHort it allows us to show that our business has utilised a recognised system for assessing likely environmental and natural resource impacts.

It also shows we are managing these impacts in a responsible and sustainable manner.

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